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  “Going Deep Into Residual And Partial Disability Provisions”
Broker World, Oct 2020, National Edition
“Catastrophic Disability Riders—Another Reason Why Disability Insurance Resonates With Clients”
Broker World, Sept 2020, National Edition
“Family Dynamics, Disability Insurance, And Divorce”
Broker World, Aug 2020, National Edition
 “To COLA Or Un-COLA Your DI Quotes”
Broker World, July 2020, National Edition
“Individual Disability Insurance And Various Increase Options Broker World, June 2020, National Edition “Disability Insurance And Social Distancing Broker World, May 2020, National Edition “Hope Is Not A Strategy, Contracts And Planning Are Strategies Broker World, Apr 2020, National Edition
“March Into DI Sales” Broker World, Mar 2020, National Edition “Numbers Don’t Lie” Broker World, Feb 2020, National Edition



“A New Year, A New Resolution – Talk To More Clients About DI” Broker World, Jan 2020, National Edition

“Tis The Season To Make Sure Your Clients Have Disability Insurance” Broker World, Dec 2019, National Edition
“Game Of Inches”
Broker World, Nov 2019, National Edition
 “Know Before You Present DI”
Broker World, Oct 2019,
National Edition


 “GSI: Guaranteed Standard Issue Individual Disability Insurance – A Guaranteed Great Option!”
Broker World, Sept 2019, National Edition

“Surprise! A Separate DI Product Dedicated For Retirement Planning.”
Broker World, Aug 2019, National Edition
“The Keys To Key Person DI”
Broker World, July 2019, National Edition





“The Name Game Of Own Occupation Definitions: What’s In Your Policy?”
Broker World, June 2019, National Edition
“DIAM—Awareness To Action In Three Steps”
Broker World, May 2019, National Edition
“Exploring Association Group Disability Insurance Coverage”
Broker World, Apr 2019, National Edition
“Disability Insurance: A Pillar Of Planning And Protecting The Nest Egg”
Broker World, Mar 2019, National Edition
“Buyout Coverage: To DBO Or Not To DBO?”
Broker World, Feb 2019, National Edition
“2019 New Year’s Resolution: Monthly Reasons To Sell More DI” 
Broker World, Jan 2019, National Edition
“‘Tis The Season: After Open Enrollment, It’s Time To Help Clients Protect Their Income”
Broker World, Dec 2018, National Edition
“BOE: That Was Easy!”
Broker World, Nov 2018, National Edition
“Disability Insurance Undecided Clients And Unforeseen Need”
Broker World, Oct 2018, National Edition
“When It Comes To Disability Insurance, You Have To A-S-K to G-E-T!”
Broker World, Sept 2018, National Edition
“Ability Insurance”
Broker World, Aug 2018, National Edition
“Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. Hosts Annual DI Day” 
Broker World, Aug 2018, National Edition
“Disability Insurance: Insuring Peace Of Mind”
Broker World, July 2018, National Edition
“Disability Insurance: True Value Versus Perceived Value”
Broker World, June 2018, National Edition
“Paycheck Protection Month—DIAM—And It All Starts With You”
Broker World, May 2018, National Edition

“Disability Insurance, The Key To Making Prospects Into Clients”
Broker World, April 2018, National Edition
“Individual Disability Insurance: The Need Sells, The Illustration Quotes”
Broker World, Mar 2018, National Edition
“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get.”
Broker World, Feb 2018, National Edition
“Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency Hosts Annual DI Day”
Broker World, Aug 2017, National Edition
“Opportunities To Help Your Business Owner Clients”
Broker World, Oct 2016, National Edition
“The Key To Success In Disability Insurance Underwriting: The Pre-Screen
Broker World, Mar 2014, National Edition
 “Disability Insurance Forum: Disability Insurance Knowledge = Disability Insurance Sales”
Broker Word, Oct 2012, National Edition
“Disability Insurance Sales: The Two Call, Analytical Approach”
Broker World, Mar 2009, National Edition

“Business Overhead Expense: Don’t Undersell Your Business Clients”
Broker World, Mar 2008, National Edition
“Disability Insurance And Medically Challenged Clients”
Broker World, Nov 2007, National Edition




“Life Insurance BGA Panel”
Broker World, Feb 2017, National Edition
“Michael Cohen Chairs Risk Appraisal Forum Meeting in Chicago
Broker World, June 2015, National Edition
Risk Appraisal Forum Summer Meeting In Chicago
Broker World, Nov 2007, National Edition
Learn The Red Flags Of Underwriting: A Case Study”
Agent’s Sales Journal, Nov 2006, National Edition




Long Term Care Insurance and 9 Major Medical Conditions
Agent Media, Sept 2007, National Edition


Congratulations & Awards


Eugene Cohen Awarded the Douglas Mooers Award for Excellence by NAILBA
Broker World, Jan 2016, National Edition
LifeMark Partners Proudly Congratulates Eugene Cohen Mutual of Omaha Proudly Congratulates Eugene Cohen “Eugene Cohen Awarded the Harold W. Petersen Award for Excellence by the International DI Society”
Broker World, Dec 2009, National Edition




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