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About Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. In 1981, a man named Eugene Cohen had a vision to create an agency that is completely centered on improving the broker experience. He wanted to provide brokers with an unbeatable combination of expert field underwriting, product knowledge and marketing support for life, disability, long-term care insurance and annuities. As brokers experienced the strong product expertise, efficient underwriting support and the unique level of service, the agency began to grow.

Today, the Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. has developed into a firm of over 35 employees, each committed to providing quality service to brokers across the country. The agency is led by two experienced principals: Eugene and Michael Cohen. This father-and-son team has created an agency that is dynamic, consumer-focused and producer-centric. Separated into four teams — each with an expertise in a specific segment of the insurance industry: Life, Long-Term Care, Disability and Annuity — The Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. is staffed by skilled professionals who are well-versed in the complexities of insurance industry and its products. These teams are strongly supported by case managers, application processors and contracting/licensing specialists. This division of tasks has allowed for exceptional personalized service, earning the trust of brokers industry-wide.


After receiving a B.S. from Ohio State University in 1963, Eugene Cohen began his insurance industry career in Cleveland with a company that specialized in disability income protection. Achieving top sales status, Eugene became a general agent in Columbus, bringing that agency to top production. This feat led to his managing the general agency in its Chicago branch, along with a new position as regional vice president. When the company he represented for nearly twenty years exited the disability market, Eugene felt his sales and administrative expertise would give him an ideal foundation for entering the brokerage market. Eugene was named the 2009 recipient of the Harold W. Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award from the International DI Society and 2015 recipient of the Douglas Mooers Award of Excellence the most prestigious award from NAILBA (National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies).


Since 1990, Michael Cohen has been deeply involved with supporting financial professionals in the fields of Life, Disability, fixed annuities and LTC insurance. Michael attended Indiana University’s business school and studied under Joe Belth while in the college’s Finance/Insurance track. His expertise in insurance products along with a keen ability to discuss underwriting impairments has made him a go-to resource for top producers around the country. As president, Michael is responsible for business development and the day-to-day operations of the agency. His dedication to the insurance brokerage business is evident in the growth of the agency since 1990, with over 35 current team members. He has served on several industry and home-office advisory boards. The agency has continued to grow with top producing insurance brokers, fellow IMO/GA marketers, broker-dealers, property & casualty operation, and career type of agencies.

Michael has been honored to serve on the board of directors for NAILBA, The Plus Group, Lifemark Partners, as well as the local Society for FSP and NAIFA chapters. Michael’s keen underwriting skills led to his invitation to join the prestigious Risk Appraisal Forum underwriting study group and has been an active member since 2006. Michael can be reached at 800.333.4340 or


Experience The Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc.

“The broker’s broker – We make it e.c.”


  • Consumer-driven products that are among the best in their industry and class.
  • Insurance carriers that are leaders in their field – you will be impressed by the breadth of companies from which you can choose.

Let us be your source for life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance and fixed annuities!


Life Insurance

Impaired Risk & Niche Preferred Rate Class Guidance

  • Does your client have an issue that may appear to be an underwriting challenge? When other agencies give up, we step up. Our marketers are trained to work on tough cases. Of course everyone is not going to be insurable, so we’ll help you to identify these challenges as well.
  • What is impaired risk? If your client has not received the best preferred rate class, then to that client, they feel like they have been rated. Companies are constantly changing preferred guidelines….you need to tap into our experts to make sure you are getting the best class possible. Computer underwriting systems still need to have rule-based platforms. Don’t undersell your client based on formulas that inputted into computers. Underwriting can be very subjective and our marketers are trained to give you the edge by helping you identify subjective cases that may be able to move into other classes.
  • Does your agency know: How to get a preferred NS rate class for a diabetic? How about the top preferred rate class for a NS only 3 years out? How about a cigar smoker getting the top preferred rate class? This is among the many examples of cases our marketers work on daily. Remember, the more subjective the condition, the more a very experienced marketer is needed. Don’t lose your next case based on someone inputting information into a computer.

Let us impress you today!



  • Our phone is answered live 8 AM – 6 PM (CST).
  • Our receptionist is trained to find someone to help you the first time you call.
  • We offer emergency contacts for off hours, weekends and holidays.
  • On Call – We have a senior staff member on call during off hours, so that you are never in a lurch.

If you need help — we are there for you.



  • The Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. has been serving brokers since 1981.
  • We have dedicated marketers for life, disability, long term care, and fixed annuities. Their only job — every day — is to service individual brokers and our GA/MGA national accounts. Our marketers will never be in competition with you.
  • Each product marketer has years of industry experience, as do our case managers, contracting specialists, and support staff.
  • Our committed staff is led by a hands-on, seasoned management team.

Let our experience be your advantage.


Industry Knowledge

  • We help you tap into the life, disability, long term care and annuity industries.
  • Our affiliations and leadership roles within organizations such as NAILBA, Lifemark Partners, The Plus Group, and Michael Cohen’s membership in Risk Appraisal Forum is a symbol of our commitment to this dynamic and ever-changing industry. Being asked to serve in leadership roles within these proud and respected organizations is an honor.

Let us use that knowledge to help you help your clients!


Issue Recognition & Resolution

  • As with any activity, the more you do, the more there may be instances of perceived issues that need special attention. You can be assured that, in the rare instance you experience anything that you feel our team members need to address more efficiently or with special attention, your voice will be heard. A member of our management team will help to address issues important to you or your client quickly. No perceived issue is too small to bring to our attention.
  • We strive to make this the best insurance brokerage experience you have encountered and encourage any feedback.

Brokers and their clients are our number one priority.


Unparalleled Ethics

  • Our goal is to try to help brokers find products that they feel would be best for their client. The earning potential of a case is hardly discussed and is not part of our trained recommendation process.
  • We expect any broker that works with us to follow insurance company and state insurance rules, laws, and regulations.
  • Be assured that we do not tolerate illicit or unethical practices. No case is too big for us to tolerate the breaking of our code of ethical conduct.
  • The agency will not participate in STOLI, IOLI, or settlement business.

Let us earn your trust – and help you earn your business!


The Eugene Cohen Insurance Agency, Inc. is a member of many national industry organizations. Being members of these organizations helps you every time you talk to one of our marketers and members of our management team.

The insurance brokerage distribution industry changes on a rapid basis. Our involvement with these organizations helps keeps us on the cutting edge of products, companies, technology, and techniques.







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